"What's Your X?", Tim Heuisler experiences the powerful artistry of metal working.

"What's Your X?" Naren Young discovers Urban Farming.

"What's Your X?",Sanford Biggers discovers the art of mixology.

"What's Your X?"  Ricardo Rivera of Klip Collective designs his own bag at Phillies' famous Norman Porter

What's Your X? Up and coming musician Jose James gets a photography lesson from the legendary Janette Beckman.

FNT- Friday Night Throwdown, Feature length documentary currently in post shot over 4 years in NYC and SXSW. We follow Models and street kids as the fight in underground boxing matches.

EVERYDAY EFFECT CAMPAIGN:A London Family gets a surprise from P&G that makes their lives easier and cleaner.

LA Bubblegum Punk Band Dollyrots makes a behind the scenes and live show DVD. 

EVERYDAY EFFECT CAMPAIGN:In Montreal with a family who moves across town in need of cleaning help.


EVERYDAY EFFECT CAMPAIGN: A Brooklyn girl goes to Prom.

EVERYDAY EFFECT CAMPAIGN: Hamburg Germany, dad gets a lesson for life.

EVERYDAY EFFECT CAMPAIGN: Kindergarteners learn the importance of Dental Hygiene. 

Don Julio Tequila lover Lil Jon in Mexico to see the unique tequila-making process.

Grey Goose Event at the Breeders Cup